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JVM GC Logs Analyzer

GCPlot is an effort to solve all GC logs reading/analyzing problems once and forever.

As developers, we were tired about the current situation and large amount of work needed to just compare some number of GC configurations.

That's where we decided to start from scratch and build a tool that suits best for us.

How it works

Finally, your GC logs are in good hands

Simple yet Powerful

GCPlot makes your raw data to start telling a story. Numerous graphs, stats, and hints will help you to answer key questions and identify root cause issues in a matter of seconds.


Install and configure our lightweight agent and begin to collect GC data. Visualize the work of the garbage collector up to the last minute.

Fast. Accurate.

Any analysis tool is useless unless it’s responsive. Speed and accuracy are our main priority - from building the reports to delivering your logs. We use only high-end technology to achieve that.


Any knowledge of the operation of your system is very sensitive information. That's why we secure all our traffic with end-to-end SSL encryption.


Clustering, Database backups, health checks, monitoring - everything make sure we are always ready to serve and never lose your data.

Human Support

As a developers we know the price of timely support. Have something to say or ask?
Just write.


Without vision, problems have no solution.
We help to look inside.

For a long time, Java™ Garbage Collector work was a kind of black box, with dozens of different flags and parameters. Reading just their descriptions was like reading Airbus manual - you will know what each switch does, but you can’t fly.

GCPlot aggregates all your GC logs into a centralized system in real-time. Our powerful and blazing-fast web UI visualizes them into clear reports and graphs, which talks in the same language with you or your team.


Currently, we support all stable versions of the Hotspot JVM. The Java 9 support is coming soon as well.

You can just upload them from our UI, as well as via API. You can also connect any number of VM(s) continuously via GCPlot Connector technology. Read more all the ways here.

It depends much on your environment. You can use SSL for your installation to make sure all traffic is secured.

Absolutely, it's free and open source, so you can contribute to it.